Grooming can be a stress causing event for dogs.  We at Miss E’s Animal Retreat understand this and will handle your dog with special care.

Here are a few tips to remember when dropping off your pet.

  1. Finding an Understanding groomer, one who will listen and attend to your pups needs. 
  2. When relaxing at home, massage your pets ears and feet, these are their sensitive areas.  Getting them use to stimulation will ease the process.
  3. Get them use to car rides.  A ride anywhere can be anxious for any pet, so taking them on occasional rides will help ease this.
  4. Brushing at home helps maintain a healthy coat in between time and gets them use to the process.
  5. Stop by for a visit, pups can come in and sniff around and get a treat.
  6. Start grooming early and regularly!  MOST IMPORTANT